Steam Paddle Tug Eppleton Hall

Buoy Scout tugboat enthusiast Mitch Allen of Seattle traveled to the Hyde Street Pier, operated by the National Park Service in San Francisco, on March 20th, 2009.


He introduced himself to a ticket collector (five dollars allows you to board a few of the boats on the dock) who apologized for the somewhat rusty state of the Eppleton Hall, but assured him that the engine parts were being greased on a regular schedule. The boiler, however, "has issues", and may not stand up to snuff.

The National Parks System has been under increasing duress in recent years due to cut-backs in funding. The Balclutha floats next to the E.H., and across the pier is a car ferry full of antique cars.

Nearby views include Alcatraz Island, which is no longer an operating penitentiary, and the Golden Gate Bridge.


Alcatraz Island, seen here just above the spy-glass...